Our Team

Enrico Simone

Owner / Pharmacist

Enrico Simone originally managed the Carlton Heights Pharmacy for over 6 months in 2006, and so much enjoyed the area and community, he offered to buy it from its previous owner in 2008. "The patients are wonderful, and it's such a fantastic community," he says, as well as his appreciation for the pharmacy's unique compounding services which he is passionate about. "Compounding allows people to have their own custom medications in a way best for them. Off the shelf medications often contain elements not everyone is able to take, and need their medications made in a way more acceptable to their bodies." 

Enrico also appreciates that the Pharmasave brand allows each individual owner / operator to manage their store as they know best for their communities. "No two communities are the same," he says, "and their pharmacy should reflect this."

A 1991 graduate of the Pharmacy program from the University of Toronto, Enrico is also PCCA trained in general and sterile compounding. 

When not managing Carlton Heights Pharmacy, Enrico enjoys sports of all kinds, including hockey, skiing, snowboarding, golf, fishing, water skiing, and more! He is a proud family man from a loving clan and loves to spend time and vacation with his wife and daughters at the cottage or elsewhere.

Enrico is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.

Irene Hogan

Pharmacist/Menopause Practitioner
For over 25 years, Irene Hogan has gathered a weath of knowledge and experience within the medical and pharmacy field. She is a best-selling Author, pharmacist, menopause practitioner and women's health expert that has been recognized with awards for her innovative women's health programs. As a pharmacist, Irene provides individualized care assessing patients and their symptoms to recommend appropriate therapies.
She currently offer's women's health consulting specializing in serving menopausal women. 
Irene is please to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Front Store Manager

Carol, our Front Store Manager has been with Carlton Heights Pharmasave since 1999. For the first few years she worked here as a delivery driver. I'm sure that somedays she wishes she could be on the road again but Carol ensures that everything and everyone runs smoothly around here and she makes it look easy. She considers her fellow staff members her "second family". She loves the community feel of the store, created by staff and customers alike. She enjoys finding those special request items asked for by the customers, items they can’t easily find in other pharmacies.

Never one to stay still long, Carol supplements her education with night school courses in Business Math among others.

When not at the store, Carol enjoys travelling, spending time at the cottage, scrapbooking, and gardening. She also enjoys walking and hiking with family and freinds, and visiting local wineries.

Carol is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Phamacy.



Hard working and always on the move, Pharmacist Shiva has been working at Carlton Heights since 2010. Shiva is always pleasant and easily offers a smile to staff and all the customers who look forward to seeing Shiva on duty. He enjoys helping people with their medication needs and health questions. 

Shiva is a 1989 graduate of the Pharmacy program from Manchester University. He loves all types of physical training and fitness, especially cycling and skiing. He needs to be physically active because he loves a good dessert.

Shiva is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Home Health Care Representative

Christina our Home Health Care Specialist joined our team in the summer of July 2015. She is a Certified Compression Stocking Fitter and Brace Fitter. Ask her about anything in our Home Health Care section or even home health care items you might not see displayed such as walkers, wheelchairs, assisted bath devices, and crutches. She loves helping people and prides herself on being able to listen to customers to understand what their needs are. She is a well-rounded individual and can be found working in many areas of the pharmacy.

In her spare time Christina likes to spend time with her children and family. She runs to keep active including half-marathons and loves all things outdoors.

Christina is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Ideal Protein Coach

Dianne is our Ideal Protein Specialist & Coach. Ideal Protein is a highly successful therapeutic nutrition program that not only helps people lose weight but ultimately prevents, improves, or eliminates disease states such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.

Dianne has helped people finally be successful with their weight loss and lifestyle changes. The program includes a weekly visit with Dianne for a weigh-in, and a body composition assessment which measures percentages of body fat, body muscle, and hydration levels. Dianne provides encouragement, support, tips, and expert information and experience. 

Come into the pharmacy for a free body composition assessment and meet Dianne.

Dianne is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Community Events Planner

Marj has been with Carlton Heights Pharmasave since 2001 when she started as a Pharmacy Assistant. She is now our Community Events Planner, a role that suits her well. She comes by it naturally considering her husband has always called her the "Events Planner" of the household. Marj loves the opportunity to engage Carlton Heights Pharmasave in the community. You will find her center stage during our events whether it be one of our Diabetes Clinic Days, Flu Shot Clinics, Fundraisers at the store, or heading off the next walkathon!

With no end of interests outside of the store, Marj enjoys astronomy, painting, arts & crafts, gardening, and golf, to name just a small few. 

Marj is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Pharmacy Assistant / Blister Compliance Packaging

Have you ever considered compliance packaging, otherwise known as blister packs? With compliance packaging you can have your weekly medications separated daily, in easy to open compartments ensuring you never miss a day. Along with her role as a Pharmacy Assistant, Mary who has been with us since 1997 is your trusted Carlton Height Pharmacy blister packer, making up these weekly packages to help you LIVE WELL.

Come by and see Mary in action - she loves to show people how blister packages are made up, and you might just see her set up yours! 

When not at the pharmacy, Mary also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, soaking up the sun, reading, and decorating.

Mary is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Pharmacy Technician

Kate became part of the Carlton Heights team in March 2017. She is a Registered Pharmacy Technician and is an integral part of our Specialty Compounding department and dispensary. Kate has a passion for learning and expanding her knowledge in the pharmacy field. 

In her spare time Kate enjoys spending time with her two kids and cheers them on in dance and hockey. She has a love for home decor, gardening, and the great outdoors.

Kate is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Non-Sterile Compounding Assistant

Steve is our hard-working non-sterile Compounding Pharmacy Assistant. The specialy compounding that we do here at Carlton Heights Pharmasave sets us apart from a typical pharmacy. We can adjust dosages, transform pills to liquid forms or creams, change flavors of formulations for children and pets, make medications that are not commercially available, and much more. Steve is calm and level-headed with a relaxed personality.

In his spare time he enjoys music, and hanging out with his friends who he shares a love of car racing with.

Steve is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Pharmacy Assistant

Right from the start, you'll soon appreciate Rose's relaxed demeanour and warm smile. She joined the Carlton Heights Pharmasave team on January of 2013 as a Pharmacy Assistant. Though taking her role quite seriously, she is never one to miss the friendly interaction with staff and customers alike. "I like being with people," she says, making her a perfect fit of the position. Rose really is a "people person". She has a talent for remembering names and faces.

Rose loves spending time with her family, travelling, and enjoys relaxing with the latest celebrity magazine.

Rose is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy and Carlton Corners Pharmasave.


Pharmacy Assistant / Sterile Compounding Assistant

Krista comes to us with over twenty years of experience as a Pharmacy Assistant in both community and hospital pharmacy. Her patience and attentiveness makes her a valuable part of the dispensary team. She also compounds eye drop formulations and more in our sterile compounding lab. Krista says that working in our specialty compounding department is giving her the oppotunity to expand on her knowledge and experience.

Krista keeps busy with her daughter at dance competitions, and enjoys her two dogs, and reading.

Krista is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Pharmacy Assistant

Brianna graduated from the Pharmacy Assistant program at Niagara College in 2015. She says there's always new learning opportunities at Carlton Heights Pharmasave that keep her up-to-date with the most current pharmacy practices, and she enjoys the state-of-the-art features at the new Carlton Corners Pharmasave location. Brianna has a sweet and gentle personality with a compassionate nature.

She is a cat lover and has three cats of her own.

Brianna is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy and Carlton Corners Pharmacy.


Customer Service Team

Debbie joined the Carlton Heights team in 2009. She is always willing to jump in and learn new things and as a result she performs many roles in the pharmacy. She is our Health & Safety Representative, a Certified Support Hose Fitter, works in the front store, the dispensary, and the office.

Deb is always there to offer encouragement and support when we're down, makes us laugh with her stories and made-up words, and generally raises the fun level of the store!

Deb is sports-minded and plays league baseball, volleyball, and golf. She likes going out with friends and is a true hockey mom supporting her sons from the stands.

Debbie is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.



Sue is our Shipping & Recieving Clerk at Carlton Heights since 2013 where she is in charge of verifying, recording, and organizing all incoming merchandise. This is genuine proof that she has patience! She also works in the front store and checkout. Sue is a truly caring, sweet, and friendly person who has the ability to make people feel comfortable right away and like they've known her for years!

Sue is a social person with lots of good friends and family. She is the head cheerleader for her kids and husband at all their sports events.

Sue is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Customer Service Team

Nora has been part of our Customer Service front store team since 2012. Nora always has a smile on her face for everyone and a pleasant demeanor. She's in charge of our weekly lottery pool and always shakes us down for our lottery money in the most polite way! Nora is a great conversationalist so it's natural to pull up a chair and chat with her with ease.

Nora keeps busy when she's not working by babysitting her 4 grandchildren, but not on Friday nights when her and her husband enjoy their weekly Friday night out for fish & chips!

Nora is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Customer Service Team

Linda has been part of our Customer Service team since 2013. You will find her at the checkout counter or front store area where she takes pride in keeping the store tidy. She is friendly and easy to talk to whether it's with her coworkers or customers. Linda likes getting to know new customers, is familiar with all the regular ones, and enjoys talking one-on-one to them all.

When she's not working she loves spending time with her 4 grandchildren and watches them play sports. She is good at keeping up with current events and likes to chill with her cat and a good TV show.

Linda is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Delivery Driver

Jim is one of our Delivery Drivers and has been part of the team since 2008. Jim has a great sense of humor so it is easy to joke around and laugh with him.

Jim is a very good golfer and probably owns a bumper sticker that says "I'd rather be golfing" or "My other car is a golf cart"! He also loves to travel to warmer climes and enjoys spending time with his lovely girlfriend and his grandkids.

Jim is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Delivery Driver

Mike is one of our Delivery Drivers and has been with Carlton Heights since 2013. He's always happy to lend a hand around the pharmacy as a handyman which is much appreciated.

Mike is a veteran and currently holds the positions of Veteran Service Officer and Seargent at Arms at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 138. You will see him participating in the Royal Canadian Legion's Poppy Campaign every year for Rememberence Day. He is a retired Train Conductor from CN Rail and is currently Treasurer for the CN Pensioner's Association.

When he has time from his busy schedule, he likes woodworking, golfing, and travelling with his wife.

Mike is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy.


Delivery Driver

Rob started working for Carlton Heights Pharmacy in 2017. Rob was retired but his wife suggested he get a job to keep him from driving her crazy. Instead of driving her crazy he now drives for us as one of our Deliver Drivers and we're glad he does! Rob has an easy-going and positive personality which makes him well-liked by customers and co-workers.

In his spare time Rob enjoys spending time with his family and grandchildren, and he stays fit by playing golf,hockey, and baseball!

Rob is pleased to assist you at Carlton Heights Pharmacy